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Londvolota is a South African trust, formed by GE, focused on building entrepreneurial capability and capacity within Black-Owned Industrial companies in South Africa.

Our goal is to give small and medium sized businesses the tools they need to help them grow. We develop, we teach, we fund and we accelerate growth.

The Londvolota Trust complies with the Broad Based Black Empowerment Act of 2003, which legislates on the development and empowerment of the broad base of South Africa’s citizens, who were historically marginalised by legislation during Apartheid from participation in the South African economy.
We support businesses that align to sectors in which GE operates, these sectors include: transportation, oil and gas, and energy management to healthcare, power and water and aviation.

Londvolota means to preserve.


  • Londvolota Investment Trust – The Investment Trust holds 25% + 1 vote shares in GE South Africa
  • Londvolota Enterprise Development Pty Ltd – Company mandated to deliver Enterprise and Supplier services to GE in South Africa
  • Londvolota Development Trust – The Development Trust activates programmes for education and entrepreneurial development


We look for black-owned businesses with a preference for companies that can participate in the Industrial value chain and be a part of the ongoing Industrialisation of South Africa.


The trust collaborates with various external partners:

Aurik Business Accelerator helps businesses succeed by offering mentorship and advice.

Business Partners provides the funding needed to take these entrepreneurs to the next level.

Standard Bank Incubator speeds up the growth and success of start-ups and early stage companies.

Lionesses of Africa helps to accelerate Africa’s women entrepreneurs.

The Londvolota trust works together with these partners and with GE South Africa to offer entrepreneurs technical support, as well as access to routes to market.