Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

Why Londvolota?

Londvolota supports an integrated solutions model for developing suppliers to GE, with the aim of growing small businesses and investing in sustained economic growth of South African businesses.  

The Londvolota model ensures access to finance, expert business support to grow your business and research and development and innovation support based on tried and tested models all within an enabling environment.


What kind of business does Londvolota support?

Londvolota supports business entities that operate in sectors of the economy that are aligned to the areas where GE has business and can link a small business to opportunities in the GE supply chain. These businesses must align to GE’s strategic objectives.

We look for entrepreneurs or business owners that are committed to, and involved in all aspects of their business with the relevant skills, knowledge, experience and a proven track record.

We support businesses that are locally owned and managed with a proven (or projected) ability to generate ‘free’ cash flow i.e. enough cash flow to service all debt obligations while also generating wealth for the owners. We also look for business where our business support will add value to, and benefit, the business.

What are the main investment criteria for Londvolota?

Londvolota are looking for businesses that meet the following criteria

  • Annual turnover not exceeding R75 million per annum
  • South African domiciled business
  • A business which has at least 51% black ownership (as defined in the BBBEE codes)
  • Operational involvement of the entrepreneur
  • Agreement of programme terms and conditions, including periodic audit of company operations
  • Meets social and economic inclusion criteria
  • Proven track record and clear business plan
  • Be within the sectors identified
  • Creates and sustains employment
  • Aligns to GE’s supply chain opportunities and strategic objectives

What does Londvolota not support?

Londvolota will not support:

  • Any entity that is In contravention of the laws of the country;
  • Any business that is a micro enterprise and;
  • Any business that does not meet the criteria of the basic assessment.

What is the Londvolota integrated solution?

The Londvolota integrated solution provides more than just finance. The programme provides business and technical support as well as the possibility of finance throughout the duration of your participation in the programme. You will have access to dedicated experts which will:

  • Reduce your risk
  • Help to grow your business
  • Help inform you to make better business decisions by offering independent expert inputs

Why is business support important?

Small and medium sized businesses face a number of challenges that are often more difficult to overcome than those faced by larger businesses.

The business support programme was carefully designed to assist your business. The programme will give you access to expertise, information and valuable market linkages. We can help you identify and manage risks and take advantage of business and networking opportunities that boost profitability. An experienced, independent view by an outsider will assist an entrepreneur in making better decisions.

How does business support work practically?

Londvolata has engaged the specialist business support services of Aurik. Aurik has more than 12 years’ experience in providing business support to entrepreneurs. Should you be successful you will be given the necessary contact time with Aurik. Additional information about Aurik can be found on their website

How much can be invested if I am successful?

Investments will normally not be less than R1 million and will not exceed R20 million.

How much will be charged for the finance offered?

The cost of finance to your business will be determined by considering various aspects of your specific business case. This is a process that will be explained to you should you qualify. We will ensure that you understand any costs up front. The cost of finance will reflect various factors such as your businesses risk profile, sector, current exposure to debt and asset base. The terms of the finance will be detailed in the offer that you will receive should your application be successful.

What about collateral?

While collateral is important in determining the price, it is not viewed in the same way as traditional financial institutions. During the extensive due diligence process the business and its financial structure is assessed and possible risk factors identified.

What is an SME?

We use the definition of an SME as described by the Small Business Ministry. 

Who is Business Partners?

Business Partners is the strategic partner of the Londvolota fund. They are responsible for the investment process. You can find out more about Business Partners on their website

If I am successful, what happens next?

If your application is successful, you will be invited to join the GE business support programme which is currently 24 months in total – this is divided into short sessions each month that you will be required to attend. Once you have been onboarded onto GE systems you will be on the global supply chain database. While you may not be issued with a purchase order immediately, it is the goal of GE to ensure that all Londvolota enterprises are issued a purchase order to ensure a sustainable business model.